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The Excise Reciepts in financial year 2017-18 Upto March 2018 were Rs.17320.03 crores, which are 21.3% more than that of last year. Receipts till April-18 are 2363.60 crores as compared to 1286.48 crore of the last year for the same period. Thus registering a growth of Rs. 1077.12 crore or 83.73 percent. Appeal is made to all that if you know about illegal distillation or illicit Liquor being sold, you can provide information on whatsapp no. 9554482300 or you can send an e-mail to upexcise17@gmail.com.

List of Forms under Category : Intoxicating Drugs Series

S NForm NameDescriptionPDF File
1 FORM I.D.1Notice-Tender for the supply of Bhang View
2 FORM I.D.2Tender for the wholesale supply of Bhang View
3 FORM I.D.3License for the wholesale supply of Bhang under the contract supply system View
4 FORM I.D.4General Bond to be executed for transport of intoxicating hemp drugs without payment of duty View
5 FORM I.D.5Application for permit to transport Bhang from one contract bonded warehouse to another View
6 FORM I.D.6Application tendering Duty and price for the Removal of Bhang from a contract Bonded warehouse View
7 FORM I.D.7Drugs pass-book for shop View
8 FORM I.D.8Omitted View
9 FORM I.D.9Application for permit to transport under bond Bhang from the place of storage to a contract bonded warehouse View
10 FORM I.D.10Omitted View

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