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The Excise Reciepts in financial year 2015-16 Upto March 2016 are Rs. 14083.88 crore as compared to 13482.32 crore of 2014-15, which have registered an increase of 4.4 %. The Target for the year 2016-17 is Rs. 19250 crores.Reciepts till March 2017 are 14273.42 crores, which are 1.4% more than that of last year for corresponding period.

Objectives of  U.P.'s Excise Policy

To regulate the legitimate sale of Intoxicants / Liquor / Narcotics.
To help in promoting development of alcohol / molasses based industries.
To earn maximum revenue through controlled & legitimate sale of Intoxicants / Alcohol / Narcotics for the welfare of the state.
To prevent illicit sale of Intoxicants / Alcohol / Narcotics.
To prevent crimes related to Intoxicants / Alcohol / Narcotics.

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