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The Excise Reciepts in financial year 2018-19 Upto March 2019 are Rs.23918.47 crores, which are 38.1% more than that of last year. Thus registering a growth of Rs. 6598.37 crore or 38.1 percent. Appeal is made to all that if you know about illegal distillation or illicit Liquor being sold, you can provide information on whatsapp no. 9554482300 or you can send an e-mail to upexcise17@gmail.com.

Telephone Directory: District Excise Officers

S NDescriptionNameSTD CodeOffice NosFax NosE-mailRes Nos
1 VARANASIKarunendra Singh05422213416  9454465610
2 CHANDOLIMubarak Ali05412262719  9454465611
3 GHAZIPURVeer Abhimanyu Singh05482223719  9454465612
4 JAUNPURPawan Kumar05452260417  9454465613
5 ALLAHABADSandeep Bihari Modwell05322640315  9454465614
6 KAUSHAMBIB.P. Manik05331232896  9454465615
7 FATEHPURPhool Chandra Pal05180223331  9454465616
8 PRATAPGARHBachha Lal05342228690  9454465617
9 MIRZAPURNiraj Kumar Dwivedi05442257842  9454465618
10 SONBHADRAAnoop Sharma05444224702  9454465619

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